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The Best Renaissance Dental Insurance

The Best Renaissance Dental Insurance


Renaissance Dental Insurance slipping twitch we’re going to Renaissance Dental Insurance payments and .

  • The payment report is a way  to get a listing of all payments either in a date range or if the two.
  • Dates are set exactly the same it will just be for  that single date I’m going to go ahead and group this by patient and for today’s purposes I am going to just show the checks not the electronic funds  transfers so I can go.
  • Ahead and choose my filter options what I want to see I could filter it by providers by clinics whatever but I can run this payment report and  you’ll be able to see all of my payments that I’ve posted.
Renaissance Dental Insurance
Renaissance Dental Insurance
  • Today that were checks and really what I want to use this for is to match that the amount that I have here matches the checks that I have in  hand that I’m going to deposit into the bank we can.
  • Claims not sent report so this is going to be where you have created a claim but for whatever reason it hasn’t been sent it may be that it’s  waiting to be sent at the end of the day it could be that it’s.
  • A secondary claim and that you’re going to hold it until the primary payment is received in this report you could do a single date or you could choose a date range and use the  two calendars to set.
  • And in this report we see that we have several claims that have not yet been sent we have the wait queue ones which are ones that are just waiting to be sent we’ll find those in our batch send.

Module and then we have a couple of secondary.


  • claims that are just waiting till the payment comes in from that primary we can close this there’s also an outstanding insurance claims report this.
  • Claims with a status of sent and that haven’t been received so you haven’t received  payment on it and you’re going to filter this.
  • Report by the age of the claims now my database is a relatively new database so in order to see anything.
  • I have to remove my date filter but you could if you wanted to see everything that was over days old you could put in a date keeping in mind that the days old is  based on the dates sent not the.
  • Listed is worth noting that it’s the amount billed not the payment expected so this wouldn’t be a good way to see how much income you may be expecting you can choose to include or not include.
  • Top and you can also filter by provider go  ahead and close that our next report that we want to take a look at is our insurance overpaid report this finds situations where the payment and the.