Best Dentemax insurance Company in USA

Best Dentemax insurance Company in USA?


Dentemax that you’re I’ll show you you can see them on facebook we actually set up sales pages in facebook or sales funnels and we use facebook advertising to drive people to Dentemax these pages that we installment facebook okay .


The reason we installed on facebook is because in this environment people don’t like leaving facebook you’ll get more clicks if it’s a if it’s an asset that’s in facebook that they can go to okay hang on facebook you can hit mobile phones they also can hit Instagram.

Which is just a huge market and so sales funnels and there’s all kinds of things we do we keep like this is a teat whining special we give all kinds of special dennis and drive traffic to that with ads and facebook of course it’s a cheap way ever so Facebook LinkedIn .

Then advertising a well-rounded plan you know you’re doing some PPC for some of those procedures don’t do PPC and by the Dennis keyword okay you want you’re doing PPC you want to advertise for procedures those are people looking to get stuff done today right and facebook advertising is the best way.

To connect with people now it’s incredible it’s different from google and then it’s not keyword driven its democratic demographic driven and so you know you can choose an audience based on our demographics depending on what you’re trying to market and then finally the other advertising is you should be engaged in .

his facebook a re targeting this is where we a pixel from facebook is put on your website so any visitor you get from search like Google when they go to Facebook they’re going to have an ad there on their wall to pull them back to your website it increases conversions.

by about two hundred percent if you stay top of mind with people at a visited your site by running a facebook re targeting program okay so all of these are working and you need to be using all of these for the full experience of online

how to buy dental insurance texas

Where you don’t have to go to dental insurance texas for too long you don’t have to spend a crazy amount of money it’s still a lot but not a lot compared to becoming a dental insurance texas or a dentist then Dental Assisting is for you but there is a but a lot of people.

dental insurance texas
dental insurance texas

Don’t stay dental insurance texas because you don’t make as much money as the other people in the dental profession okay so if you’re the type of person where that might annoy you where you will always know that you’re making less than anybody else if that annoys you then this isn’t something for you now and I’m not even saying .

That as a bad thing as a dental assistant I loved it I didn’t care how much money I was making because I still made good money I was out of high school I made great money some people get annoyed when they see other people on .

Their team making a lot more where the dental assistants still has to do a ton of stuff you guys we really really do as a dental assistant you will be doing as I said earlier everything but if you’re looking to get paid more then you want to

Think about either becoming a dental hygienist or test now that may annoy a lot of people for me to say that but it’s true I’m being honest I am being totally honest and I can say that because I was a dental assistant I made great money as a year old but now I like making the money that I make you know let’s just put it that way um you still make good money as a dental assistant you make a lot more than you used to