Why tooth pain is

bahtexactly Tooth pain I’ve gotta pay the first exactlywhich is a lot better than painexactly okay so like we was talkingbefore a pre-existing condition isalways related to your history yourmedical history so if.

tooth pain

you in case youhad you have already high blood sugar ifyou have high blood pressure cholesterolor if you had any major accident orillness beforethat’s.

A pre-existing condition so ifyou have an accident what do you mean orsomething and you want to be anyone tobe covered the insurance companies are willing to cover pre-existing condition sif.

they have the medical files for itexactly if they have yeah if they haveyour information the right informationand that the insurance company knowsokay everything is okay treatment wasbeen done .

No medication no any problemswith it they are willing to cover but aslong as a company don’t know theinformations or the right informationsthe insurance company is .

not willing tocover something what is already brokenand what a insurance company do iseither three possibilities so first theysay no we just exclude second they sayokay we accept it or tert

They say okaywe accept it but with the premiumloading so if you want to get coveredyour high blood pressure we cover it butwith the % loading of your premiumyeah.

That’s the first question whatpeople always asking us okay that’s ourprice now but what is our price later sothe most company is working with fiveyears breakage so you five years yourprice .

Will be stable it will not go upbecause of your age the only reason isgoing up is because the medicalinflation so .

When the doctors get a more expensive medical medics get more expensive and everything gets more expensive