Truth of dental insurance no waiting period

dental insurance no waiting period studies that show those of pour-over oral health have difficulty engaging in those activities and in terms of health outcomes oral health is also connected to many other .

dental insurance no waiting period

health conditions including diabetes stroke heart disease pregnancy outcomes even Alzheimer’s and so when we have these gaps in care these gaps in coverage and these gaps in health that really has a huge and

disparate impact on populations that are not able to get care so that is why we’re here talking about oral health today and we’re excited to be working with you on this issue Pat recovered a little bit of this which is as a

reminder in terms of public coverage of oral health Medicare excludes oral health coverage which means that the large majority of seniors do not have any oral health coverage this is also true for many people with disabilities

although there isn’t clean cut data on that and that also that most states do not provide meaning comprehensive medicaid oral health coverage for adults always made a lot of progress for children adults whether they be

people with disabilities whether they be older adults on Medicaid whether they be pregnant women or whether they be medicated or Medicaid expansion ACA Medicaid expansion adults it varies widely state to state and

most states do not provide coverage for those groups or they may provide different coverage for each of those groups um so to give you a little bit more about the landscape in each of those spaces there has been gaining

momentum in the in Congress around Medicare oral health coverage we’ve got a long way to go in terms of building even more momentum around this

issue and we hope that you all will join us in that effort but luckily we have started to see a number of bills getting introduced and champions arising in both the House