How To Get Dental Help At Low Cost

A dental help business where we have enough locations and only just enough to create some economies of scale so we lower together we lower the cost of doing business but.

We do not simultaneously lower our quality we’re able to look so we probably won’t be able to match those prices but we can compete with those prices and give.

The people in this community an alternative and I said to him I’m going to tell you right now if you stood up in front of your team and said exactly .

What you just said to me you will not only create clarity but you will inspire your people around the reasons for this they will be inspired most likely .

I said people are attracted to people?

  • Who have big hearts and want to do good things and and and are excited about they’re passionate about the reason behind.
  • The vision and so so we coached him and he did and he actually got he didn’t cry but he got a little choked up
  • When he was delivering it to the team and and this day is that we had this retreat some of those team members in
  • The new practice that had just been acquired they were meeting for the very first time the first time .
  • They’d ever laid eyes on their tea under P on their co-workers in this business and so here they are some of them brand new to each other listening to .

This man’s vision of where what he’s trying to do and he said to?

  • I don’t even know if it’s possible I really don’t and I don’t know exactly how we’re going to do it I do not I have some ideas that’s why I’m in this course that’s why
  • I’m taking this education but I don’t have all the answers I just know where I’d like to go and what I’d like to try to achieve and create and I need your help and I need Katherine’s help.
  • I need aya probably into other people’s help .
  • I need help but but I’m really clear about why and about what and and he got a little choked up about it and it was just so we took a break