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humana dental insurance reviews by Top 10 Compney

How much do we pay for “dental” services? How much does Social Security pay? Let’s see the answer!


Check the financial health a lot. Today we come to check the oral health, some better. Usually friends How many times do oral health check per year? For those who do not have humana dental insurance reviews  Normally check twice a year and each time please tell me.
  • If there is a need to repair the wear and tear, this will probably be hit by several baht. But still good that we can still withdraw some (Which never will be enough) 555 with.
  • The Social Security Agency that we pay contributions every month. Today, check the price so I want to check the information. If you have to do dental work.
  • Where to get social security And how much can be withdrawn? At least, we will prepare a financial plan for this dental fee in advance. 

Who has the right to withdraw social security?

  • Those who are able to receive dental health insurance must be an insured person under Section 33 and 39 and have to pay contributions for at least 3 months within 15 months before the date of dental service. 
  • Can do any month of the year However, if the insurer submits the contribution for 3 months but resigns from the job Can still receive dental services.
  • Because social security rights are still protected for another 6 months from the date of resignation.

Where can I use dental work to claim social security?

For using social security rights Insurers can receive services at both public hospitals. Private hospital Dental Clinic Which is a medical facility specified by the Social Security Office.
In addition, the Social Security Office has added benefits In the case of dental to the insurer in case of tooth filling, tooth extraction, scaling, removal of ingrown teeth.
At the rate actually paid as needed but not exceeding 900 baht per person per year  without having to pay  For the hospital Or clinics with stickers or signs “This hospital provides insured services for dental dentistry without reservation.”